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Our Mission

Our Mission Our journey starts with our mission, which is persistent. It affirms our purpose as a company and serves…

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Our Vision

Our Vision The world is changing all around us, very fast. To continue to thrive as a business over the…

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Student Profiling
Student Information & Parent Information, Student Documents and Academic Information.
Online Admissions
Online Admission forms with Quotas & Reservations Accept/Reject authority & SMS & Email status updates
Fees & Installments
Define installments, Track Status, Automatic reminders. Bank Challans and Receipts.
Library Management
Books Catalog, Book Issue and Return with Penalties.
Parent Communication
SMS Inbox - SMS notifications from schools, Email Inbox - Email notifications from schools.
Live Chat Forums
LIVE Parent Meetings from any location, Online Support.

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Why School ERP ?
Why School ERP ? It needs to have one centralized system, which…
Purpose of School ERP
Purpose of School ERP The whole purpose of School ERP is to record each…
Why MyeSchool ?
Why MyeSchool? We are combined with technology, motivated with attitude, guided…
Core & Premium Modules
Core Modules Premium Module Add-ons Modules Mobile APP
Flexible Business Models
We offer a choice of engagement options to suit the varied needs…
Awesome Reasons!
Awesome Reasons why MyeSschool is most preferred School Management System? User…


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Software which includes everything your institution will ever need – School management software, Parent-teacher collaboration, Fee management & online payment, Gradebook & reports, Timetable, attendance & scheduling, Online examination & assignment.

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Concentrate on developing your school while MyeSchool manages your school.

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MyeSchool allows you to store information about the past history of your students to let you analyze performance.

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